about aot

Founded in 1982 from modest beginnings, the AOT Group has grown into a sizeable global organization with offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Founder, owner and CEO Rolf Bruns is proud that AOT is still serving foundation customers.

At AOT our objective is to provide customers of every size with an outstanding level of service never forgetting the hands on work that attracted our very first customers. Every member of AOT, from Director to Staff is committed to maintain a high level of quality service and reliability. Our people thrive on the ever-changing challenges of our industry, be that for regular traffics or one time specialized cargoes.

As a specialist in our field AOT has a responsibility to respond to customers needs with innovative transport solutions that draw the full spectrum of our expertise, experience and resources. Our goal is to deliver our clients products efficiently, safely and on time by the most cost effective means available, consistent with our customer's expectations.